Zippy’s Menu, Prices and Locations

Francis and Charles Higa founded Zippy’s Restaurants on October 17, 1966. With their perseverance and vision, what started out as one restaurant on King Street has grown to 22 locations all over Oahu, one on the neighbor islands of Maui and Hawaii.Zippy’s Restaurants has also grown to include other operations such as Napoleon’s Bakery, Osaka Okazuya, Kahala Sushi at Zippy’s Kahala, and the Sushi Bar at Zippy’s Pearl City.

If there is one thing you must try at Zippy’s Restaurants, it’s our Original Recipe Chili. Served since 1966, it’s our signature product! Over 100 tons of our chili is sold every month through our locations, through fund-raising activities, and in retail markets in Hawaii and beyond. Other favorites include our popular golden fried chicken, our famous Zip Pac, oxtail soup, saimin, and much more. And since most of these items are available 24 hours at most of our locations, any time is a good time to enjoy Hawaii’s favorite foods!

Zippy’s Menu

Nigiri Sushi Menu
Two pieces
AjiSpanish mackerel$9.15
AmaebiSweet shrimp$10.75
AnagoSalt water eel$9.25
Ebi w Mayo & Masago$7.25
HokkigaiSurf clam$7.15
Hotate w Mayo and Masago$7.45
IkuraSalmon roe$9.25
KazunokoFish eggs$7.20
Poke Ahi$7.45
ShiromiWhite fish$6.70
TobikoFlying fish roe$7.00
ToroFatty Tuna$11.15
TsubugaiJapanese whelk$6.45
U NagiFresh water eel$9.50
U niSea urchin$13.50
Temaki Sushi
Hand roll
NattoFermented say beans$5.65
NegihamaYellowtail with green onions$8.75
NegitoroFatty tuna with green onions$9.15
Salmon Skin$5.50
Soft Shell Crab$10.50
Spicy Tuna$6.75
Sushi Menu
Sushi Sashimi CamboSashmit 4 maguro, 3 hamachi, 3 sake migirc maguro, shiromi, sake, llka, ebi, tamgo$27.95
Combo AIkwra, tamago, ebi, tako, lka, sake, shiromi, maguro$17.50
Combo BMaguro, shiromi, sake, lka, tamago, ebi, kacunako, taka, hokkigi, tobiba, lkura$25.25
Sashimi combo4 Maguro, 2 tako, 3 hamachi$23.65
House Entrees
Beef Teriyaki$14.75
Chicken Triyaki$12.60
Chicken Karaage$11.85
Chicken Katsu$13.90
Fried Hamachi KamaGrilled yellowtail$20.95
Saba ShioyakiBroiled macherel$16.45
Sake ShioyakiBroiled salmon$19.05
Nori Ochazuke$5.95
Salmon Ichazule$7.35
Ume Ochazuke$6.95
Kahala SpecialNigiri sushi maguro, ebi, soke, tomago, kake udon: shrimp & cegerable tempura$19.25
KatsudonPork katsu on rice$11.25
OyakodonChicken and egg on rice$10.75
TendonTempura on rice$12.50
Served with miso soup & rice
Tempura Combination Plate$17.75
Shrimp Tempura$14.95
Fish Tempura$15.50
Vegetable Tempura$12.75
Udon Soba
KitsuneTopped with fried tofu$9.15
TanukiSprinkled with tempura flakes$8.40
TempuraTopped with shrimp tempura$10.25
Tempura Zaru SpbaCold soba with tempura$10.15
Zaru SobaCold soba$7.15
Specialty Dishes
Sushi Combination A8 Pcs tomago, maguro, ebi, shiromi, lka, sake, taka, lkura$17.50
Sushi Combination B12 Pcs sushi combination a plus hokkigai, kazunoko, tobiko & magura$25.25
Sushi & Sashimi CombinationSushi maguro, tamago, ebi, shiromi, lka, & sake sashimi maguro, hamachi, sake$27.95
Dhirashi SushiA variety of topping a rranged over a large bowl of sushi rice- maguro, ebi, tamago, lka, hamachi, lkura & chef s choice$23.65
Battera SabaPressed sushi with mackerel$10.50
Battera, SalmonPressed sushi with salmon$12.95
Fried Hamachi KamaGrilled yellowtail$20.95
Saba ShioyakiBroiled mackerel$16.45
Spicy Tuna DonSpicy tuna on rice$14.50
Tekka DonTuna sashimi on rice$19.50
Unagi DonFresh water eelon rice$20.75
Served with miso soup & rice
Hamachi SashimiYellowtail$27.50
Maguro SashimiTuna$19.95
Sashimi CombinationMaguro, hamachi,sake and lka, taka, or shirami$23.65
Maki Mono
Rolled sushi
California Inside Out W/ Masago$7.45
California Uramaki$6.60
CombinationTekka, kappa, oshinko$13.65
Futomaki8 pieces$8.75
InariCone sushi$5.60
KanpyoSeasaned gourd$4.95
NegihamaHamachi with green onions$9.15
Soft Shell Crab Uramaki$11.15
Spicy Tuna Hosomaki$6.75
Ume ChisoPickled plum with perilla$6.20
California Inside Out w/ Masago$7.45
California Uramaki$6.60
CombinationTekka, kappa, oshinko$13.65
Futomaki (8 pieces)$8.75
InariCone sushi$5.60
NegihamaHamachi with green onions$9.15
Soft Shell Crab Uramaki$11.15
Spicy Tuna Hosomaki$6.75
Ume ChisoPickled plum with perillo$6.20
More To Enjoy
Miso soup$2.25
Salmon Skin Salad$6.30
YamakakeGrated mountain yam over maguro$10.25
Served whit toss greens, potato salad, rice & miso soup
Teriyaki Beef, Sashimi, shrimp & Vegetable Tempura$20.95
Misoyaki Butterfish, Sashimi, Shrimi, Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura$26.75
Green Tea Ice Cream$4.40

Visit Zippy’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Zippy’s.

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